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Ascorbinka with Rutin – Forte

Vitamin C is involved in the regulation of oxidation-reduction processes of the carbohydrate metabolism and blood clotting, normalizes the capillary permeability. It plays a major role in the formation of collagen, ...

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It contributes to the normalization of the visual system function.
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Calcium Gluconate – Forte

It is recommended as a dietary food supplement – an additional source of calcium.
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It contributes to the improvement of the musculo-skeletal system.
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It has a general strengthening effect, improves the vision function
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Glycine regulates the metabolism, normalizes and activates the defensive inhibition processes in the central nervous system, reduces psycho-emotional stress and increases the mental performance. Glycine regulates the ...
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Golden Root-M

It has a tonic effect, helps to increase the protective functions of the body
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Hedysarum-M (Sweetvetch)

It helps to improve the functional state of the male body

Iodine Forte

Iodine is necessary for the synthesis of thyroid hormone - thyroxin. The iodine deficiency causes serious metabolic disorders, contributes to the development of the Basedow’s disease and decrease in immunity.
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Magnesium + Vitamin B6 – Forte

Magnesium is an important catalyzer of the enzymatic activity. It promotes the absorption of calcium and potassium, participates in the carbohydrate metabolism, the biosynthesis of proteins, has a sedative effect, ...
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Motherwort Extract with Mg and B6.

It is recommended as dietary food supplement - an additional source of magnesium and vitamin B6, containing tannins. Motherwort is used in case of nervousness, cardiosclerosis, sleep loss, neurasthenia and ...
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Ortilia Secunda-M

Prevention of urogenital diseases, cleaning of the stomach and intestines.
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Rhodiola Rosea-M.

It helps to improve the functional state of the female body.
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It is recommended as a dietary food supplement - an additional source of humic acids. Shilajit is used as a tonic agent. It promotes the healing of wounds, fractures and burns. It improves the potency
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It is recommended as a dietary food supplement - a source of valeric acid. It is used in case of the increased nervous irritability.

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