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Flax Seed

27,00 руб.
It is used as a coating and emollient agent.
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Production form:

Loose, sachets


Common flax (crushed seeds).

Recommended dosage:

Place 1 teaspoon (2.0 g) or 1 sachet (1.5-2.0 g) of the product in a cup, add 1 glass of fresh boiling water (200 ml), leave in water bath for 45 minutes with intermittent mixing, then strain the tea or press out the sachet. Adults shall take 1/2 glass (100 ml) of the ready tea 4 times a day at mealtimes. Duration of administration is 1 month. If necessary, the course may be repeated. Repeated courses are possible throughout the year.


Individual intolerance to ingredients of the dietary supplement, pregnancy, breastfeeding, carbohydrate metabolism disorder, diabetes mellitus.

Shelf life:

2 years 


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