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Birch Buds Phytotea

  • It is used as a diuretic agent in case of kidney diseases and edema.

Chaga Phytotea

  • It is used as a symptom relieving drug in case of peptic ulcer and gastritis.

Corn Silk

  • It is used as a choleretic, diuretic and hemostatic agent.
    Corn silk:
    - is used in case of cholecystitis, hepatitis and urological diseases;
    - reduces the bilirubin content;
    - causes an acceleration of the blood clotting abilit...


  • It improves the appetite, has a diuretic action.

Fennel Seed

  • It is used in case of gastrointestinal disturbance (gaseous distention, dyspepsia, etc.).

Flax Seed

  • It is used as a coating and emollient agent.

Hawthorn Berries Phytotea

  • It improves the heart function, reduces the pressure.

Milk Thistle Fruits

  • They strengthen the liver function.

Pine Buds

  • They are used as an expectorant and antiseptic in case of diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

    Pine buds are used:
    - to improve the blood composition;
    - in the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer.

Rosehip Phytotea

  • It is used for the prevention of hypovitaminosis. It is an additional source of vitamin C.